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Online Dating Sucks! Part Two

Online Dating SUCKS! Part Two

The wine glass Ahniya was holding shattered on the brick floor--the golden liquid barely missing her cream colored pants. Greg arrived--towel and broom in hand while Lauran rushed to her side leaving Jay standing about four feet from the table. “I got it,” said Greg. “I’m—“Ahniya couldn’t finish. “No worries. I’ll replace that glass and refill it free of charge,” Greg continued. “Thanks,” Ahniya said, never taking her eyes off the floor. “Are you okay? What happened?”Lauran asked “I--” “Was shocked at how handsome I am?”Jay said walking over to the table, offering Ahniya his hand. Giggling, Lauran grabbed Jay by the waist. “Ahniya, this is my Jay. Jay, my bestie Ahniya,” She cooed.  Ahniya looked at Jay than at her best friend, looking back at Jay she took his hand and gave him a limp handshake. “Hmm

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